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Totally not the greatest picture...
Totally wasn't going to post this..
But too totally gorgeous 馃槏

We actually took it for an inside joke 馃槄

Platinum ---> Violet
(This IS a double process ladies)
September 28 - October 2

$20 Shellac Manicures 馃拝

Upgrade 馃憣 馃槏
Lets talk mousse ladies...

Let's face it - I've used A LOT of mousses over the years.. All different brands, all different textures.. Somedays I diffuse my hair, somedays I just throw mousse in and go 馃弮.

路路I KEEP coming back to these 2路路

They aren't sticky, doesn't disappear (whipped mousse does this and it drives me NUTS), holds up all day, doesn't make your hair crunchy, and both smell amazing...
All the things 馃

$16.99 each
August 11-14

路路Appointments Available路路

Tuesday August 11:
10:00am (nail appointment)

Wednesday August 12:
9:00am (only new growth application/haircut available)

Thursday August 13:

Friday August 14:
10:00am or 1:00pm

馃摫 605-695-6199 馃摫
August 5th will be my first day back to work after having this precious little babe 馃槂

There IS a few changes to my schedule however..

Wednesday's will be dedicated to boutique day for me. I will be in the shop 11am-3pm but ONLY for boutique shopping. I can take a 9am new growth application that day, but no specialty colors on Wednesdays.

Tuesday's will also be - Morning Only appointments.

Thursday's - No evening appointments.

I will be - by appointment only - as always.

I am booking appointments now if you want to go ahead and shoot me a text :)

See you all soon 馃槝

36% off ALLLLLLLLL Matrix Liters 馃檶

Total Results Shampoo and Conditioner Liters - $34 (for both)
(Amplify, Sleek, Color Obsessed, So Long Damage, Curl, Moisture)

Biolage Shampoo and Conditioner Liters - $45 (for both)
(HydraSource, VolumeBloom, KeratinDose, 3 Butter, Scalp Sync, SmoothProof, Exquisite Oil)

Biolage RAW Shampoo and Conditioner Liters - $56 (for both)
(Color Care, Nourish, Uplift, Recover)

Order will go in June 28. Don't miss out on these savings 馃挵
Alright.. The time is here.. 馃懚

My last day of work will be Tuesday.

I will return back beginning of August 馃槉

Hope you all have an excellent end to June and month of July. I will update when this precious babe arrives 馃榿
[06/11/20]   Openings:
Tuesday June 16
Wednesday June 17
Ok... How freaking FUN?!?

Rita called last week and said "You can do whatever you please.. I'm passing away in 6 months from terminal cancer and I want something fun!"

Challenge Accepted 馃槑

She cried, I cried.. Life is far to short friends. Live it up.

Picture 1 - After..
Picture 2 - Processing..
Picture 3 - Lightened..
Picture 4 - Before..

She requested "no style" as this is the "way she is" and I love it.

It was so so great to meet you Rita. Thank you for the fun morning!!
Alright Friends....

I am booking appointments thru Friday - June 19th for sure.. After that, they will be scheduled the evening before your appointment.

Baby is due July 9, but have a sneaky suspicion it might have other plans and arrive early 馃し.

As my last 2 pregnancies have went, I have told people, if I'm not at the salon for your appointment, and do not arrive within 10 minutes, chances are I'm in the hospital and having 馃懚. I do try to tell people before hand of course, but we all know that baby's have their own way of doing things 馃槈, cough cough Tatum James.

If you need to get in before June 19th, please text to schedule an appointment NOW!! I am only taking 1 appointment a day from here on out so slots are limited!

[05/05/20]   Appointment Book is OPEN 馃槂

Back up and booking appointments NOW!

Text 605-695-6199 馃

Can't wait to see you all!!
Cleaning Day 馃槂

Today, I'm taking an extra day to completely wipe down/sanitize the whole shop! I, literally, have stepped foot in the salon once since I closed, 6 weeks ago.

Tomorrow will resume with appointments 馃榿

So excited to see everyone 馃
Alright Friends...

Rumor is, I MIGHT be able to open this week or beginning of next 馃帀

With that being said, a couple things to remember:

1) MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you are feeling ANY sort of sickness.. STAY HOME AND RESCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT. I have 2 littles at home, and am currently due with my 3rd in 2 months.. I do not need ANY sickness brought into my household!

2) My hours will still be limited as I am 2 months away from baby #3. I would love to be back in full force BUT I physically don't think I can be. This baby has taken quite the toll on Mom's body 馃槀

3) I will not require you to wear a mask at this time, BUT know that may change as the days/weeks go on.

Lastly, if you need/want to get in for hair or nail services, please comment below so I can reach out to each and everyone of you when I hear the exact news from the city council meeting.

Thanks Lovelies!
Can't wait to see you all again 馃槝
馃毃Coming Soon馃毃

Wear Extender Base Coat 馃槏

Go from 14 day wear Shellac to 21 day wear (or for most of you, a 21 day wear to a 30 day wear)

Sayyyyy Whatttt? 馃槺
If you know me, you know I am always trying new hair products. I do this for 2 reasons:

1... I get bored with products easily 馃檲馃槀

2... When you guys ask me about a product, I can generally say pros and cons about it because I've personally tried it..

I'm so excited to be giving Amika a trial run over the next couple of weeks and giving feedback. I've used their dry shampoo for a couple months and have loved it.. So here's to trying out the whole line 馃榿

For those who know me, you KNOW I am not a fan of dry shampoo. I very much enjoy washing my hair everyday, and with natural curl, I, at least, have to get it wet everyday so it styles nicely.

I made a promise to myself, that during this quarentine, I would give it more of a try. So, here I am, sitting on day 3 馃槏 for the 2nd time IN A ROW 馃憦馃憦馃憦
(be proud 馃槀)

Amika has a "top of the line" dry shampoo and I must say, I'm impressed!

Also, tip of the day, spray your dry shampoo in at NIGHT. You can thank me later 馃榿
If you ordered product, it just arrived 馃槏

Working on packing it up and shipping now. You should receive in a few days 馃榿

Thank You for continuing to support me. I appreciate it more than you know 鉂
"Mom, what happened to 'No At Home Haircuts'?"

Reeces is thoroughly NOT impressed with my dog grooming skills.

I will say, I don't blame her 馃槀

I'll leave this one up to the professionals...

**No dogs were harmed.. Just a couple bawled spots is all 馃し Walmart CEO says we're in the 'hair color' phase of panic buying Just remember, color corrections aren't cheap.. 馃槈馃槝 First went the hand sanitizer, disinfectants and toilet paper. Then went the yeast and spiral hams. Now hair clippers and hair dye are flying off shelves.
[04/11/20]   A couple things to note:

路路I DO fully plan on being closed until June.. If not later.. We (nonessential businesses) are on a shut down for 60 days with an every 2 week eval by the city council. The last vote definitely has me closed until May 6 (or something along those lines) when they will vote again. AGAIN, I do not plan to be open for quite some time with how things are rolling in South Dakota

路路I will have this baby at the end of June/Early July.. So maternity leave will start around that time, and I usually take around 4-6 weeks.. (Probably 4 at this rate 馃槀)

路路ON my first day back, realize I'll probably be late for my first appointment. You SHOULD expect this 馃槀馃槀 sleeping in has got the best of the kids and I..

路路IF you are my first client, when I'm back, you better have 2 coffees in hand.. 1 for you, and 1 for me 馃槀

Love you all! Hope your Quarentine is going the best that it can be 鉂
馃枻 Dark Envy 馃枻

Do you have unwanted red tones in your hair?

This is for you 馃槏

Order going in TODAY 馃榿

10.1 oz Shampoo: $15.99
10.1 oz Conditioner: $15.99

1 liter Shampoo: $27.99
1 liter Conditioner: $27.99

6.8 oz Hair Mask: $24.99
[04/09/20]   Did you know that I ship?

Need Shampoo and Conditioner?
---> I ship it

Need Hairspray?
---> I ship it

Need dry shampoo?
---> I ship it

I ship every product I sell.. And actually have for YEARS to clients who aren't local.

Running low on something? Let me know and I'll get it out to you..

Also, several items on sale this month:

路路 Matrix Total Results Shampoo and Conditioner

路路 Fairy Tales Kid's Shampoo, Conditioner, and Spray Gel

路路 All Redken Hairsprays

路路 All Big Sexy Hairsprays

路路 All Matrix Hairsprays
The Brookings Register City of Brookings COVID-19 Emergency Ordinance 20-005 has been extended through May 6.
City Council members unanimously voted Wednesday to extend the ordinance from the original date of April 8 to May 6.
The temporary city-ordered measures in Ordinance 20-005 prohibit on-site food and beverage consumption at restaurants and bars and close entertainment and recreation facilities.
Take-out, delivery, curbside and drive-through service are still allowed with social distancing procedures in place.
The ordinance includes prohibitions and closures which affect: all restaurants, food courts, coffee houses, bars, breweries, clubs, cafes and other similar places of public accommodation offering food and beverages for on-site consumption, including any alcohol licensees with on-sale privileges; all recreational facilities, public pools, health clubs, athletic facilities and theaters, including movie theaters and music or entertainment venues; all cigar bars, vaping lounges or other similar businesses that allow for on-site consumption; all arcades, bingo halls, bowling alleys, indoor golf ranges, casinos, indoor climbing facilities, skating rinks, and other similar recreational or entertainment facilities, and salons, spas and barber shops.
An amendment was added to the ordinance Wednesday to address loitering in groups of 10 or more.
The council will also have a special meeting next Tuesday for a first reading on a potential stay-at-home ordinance for the City of Brookings.
Let me make something clear..

When the City of Brookings, or any city for that matter, decided to shut down all "non essential" businesses due to COVID-19, they had their reasons. Their reason was simply to "flatten the curve" so we could, someday, return back to our original lifestyles.

Does it suck?
---> Absolutely

Do I miss my clients?
---> Absolutely

Do I miss having a schedule?
---> Absolutely

But you know what I need more in life than those things?
---> My family 馃懆鈥嶐煈┾嶐煈р嶐煈

So for those of you continually asking KNOWING the salons are shut down...

---> No, I will not color your hair because you "need a change"

---> No, I will not go into the salon "after hours" to do a trim

---> You will ABSOLUTELY NOT come to my house to get your hair colored

---> I will ABSOLUTELY NOT do "house calls" and go to your house

---> No, my kids will NOT be ok hanging out at your house while I do your hair

---> Yes, it is still illegal for me to do services outside the salon, even if you "don't tell anyone I did it" 馃う

We are staying in to help flatten this curve so, someday, I can return to my workplace. The place I LOVE. I will not expose my family to you, regardless if "you've stayed inside for 4 weeks". STAY INSIDE and help everyone out that way!

When I am allowed to be back, I will make a post and reach out to my returning clientele. Trust me, I'm hoping it's sooner than later too, but it won't be if we don't all do our part in this.

STAY home and STAY healthy my Friends!
I say this with a heavy heart, but my doors are temporarily closed.

The city has announced that all salons, barbers, spas, ect will be shut down effective immediately.

I encourage ALL of you to socially distance yourselves. If you you haven't already, PLEASE do. Small businesses, like Ambiance Salon, will go under in a hurry if we can't re-open our doors in the NEAR future.

I wish I could stay open, but also realize, that in this time, I must also do what is best for each and every one of us. My family, your family, everyone 鉂

Stay safe, FaceTime your loved ones, and STAY INSIDE. Hope to re-open my doors and see you soon!

鉁 Erica
[03/15/20]   馃毃Important Announcement regarding Ambiance Salon AND COVID-19.

Ambiance Salon will remain open to appointments during this time. Because I only take 1-2 appointments, one in the AM and 1 in the PM, everything will be whiped down after every visit to get ready for the next appointment.

Our State Board requires a higher disinfectant than your average Lysol anyway, therefore, things have always been on a "more disinfected" side anyways, meaning combs, nail files, ect! I will also be disinfecting anything and everything that gets touched that normally doesn't get sprayed down after every visit (reception desk, door handles, ect)

I will continue to monitor exactly how this virus spreads and make announcements regarding it as time goes on.

路路As always, if you are sick, STAY HOME. I don't need to carry ANY illness back home to my kiddos. I have always been incredibly understanding of illnesses, and do not require any down deposits on appointments, so please don't hesitate to shoot a text out if you are ill.

Thank You for continuing to support my dream of owning my own space, all while allowing me to be a part time stay at home Mom too 鉂 Our family appreciates each and every one of you!

With Love,
Guess what MARCH has going for a promotion........


路路Need a new flat iron? Guess what, they're on SALE!!

路路Need a new blowdryer? Guess what, they're on SALE!!

路路Need a new curling iron/wand? Guess what, they're on SALE!!

Lots of Brands, Lots on Sale! Remember, I can order any professional brand in for you. Let me quote you a price 馃榿
[02/24/20]   We are dealing with some sickness in our house again.. Just a heads up that appointments might be moved around/cancelled. I will message anyone who needs either or!! So far, everything will stay the way it is.
Is it spring yet?!? 馃槄
SeneGence Order going in TOMORROW night!

Needing something? Comment here 馃榿
Who says you have to go blonde as the weather gets warmer?!? Dark is more fun 馃槤
[02/19/20]   Quick Trip down to Sioux Falls today. If you are in need of any specific hair product, please comment here 馃憞馃榿
I will only wave this fee if you are getting me coffee 馃槀馃槀

(Don't look at the price chart. Those aren't my prices) * NEW SALON PRICING MENU IDEA!!! - GET MORE!!

Feeling a little more "professional" now 馃槀

Homemade gift cards were fun to make and put a personal touch on things BUT, with 2 kids, 1 on the way, and a boutique, I needed something simpler in my life.

Plastic Gift Cards are NOW available at Ambiance Salon 馃榿

Now, help me learn how to use them 馃槀

Buy a $50 gift card, get $10 off!
[01/15/20]   I am home with a sick little boy today 馃槬. Boutique night is still on from 3:30-8:00.

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